The Return of the Library…

Last year I went through a lot of things emotional, I left Facebook for a while to clear my head and save my sanity. When I left I closed down my book lovers group The Scribes Library. It was with a very heavy heart that I did that. I really gave it a lot of thought before doing it because I knew a lot of people would be extremely unhappy but my sanity was more important to me than someone else’s ego.

This year I decided to restart the group let’s face it I love books, I felt like a piece of me was missing when the group closed but now I feel whole again. I know that people who do not read or like books in the slightest would not understand. It is something that even I can’t really put into words. It is only a small group at the moment and I have no aspirations of it growing to the numbers it was the first time around.

Whether it is a success or not it matters little to me because it means something to me and that is all that matters.