When it Rains: The Umbrella Collection by Prudence Hayes

when it rains

E-book was gifted by the author for review.

The story of Nora is one that I must admit touched my heart on many different levels. Her struggle with her issues is one that is universally known but sadly not so well understood. I spent most of my time reading this book with tears in my eyes as I can relate to her tale of woe. Whilst not on the level that Nora went through I too have been to the darker side of the human psyche after a relationship break up and then the death of someone close.

I thought Prudence handled the subject beautifully and bravo to her for showing depression for what it really is, a horrible sometimes debilitating condition. I felt like I was on this journey along with Nora. I laughed when she said something smart or witty and cried along with her when her life was falling apart. When she hit her lowest point I felt I could not breath at one point, Prudence takes you right into the heart of her characters making you become one with them. I try to always connect with the characters I am reading about, and for me it was a frightening journey when Nora sank into the depths of despair. I was so proud of her when she finally decided that instead of living with the voice being her worst enemy that it was time to set things right.

I loved all of the characters that she brought to life in this wonderful tale. I would have to say that my favourite of all of them was Pops as I had a grandfather like that as a youngster so reading about him brought back fond memories. I had tears streaming down my face when he told Nora where her name came from. Even the character Darren that changed her life forever was one I could relate to, in fact I could imagine these people living in my street.

I believe that everyone should read this book at least once in their life as it deals with a subject that a lot of people run from when it is brought to light. To understand the thoughts of someone that is suffering depression I believe is very important. Having said that the depression subject is only one aspect of the story it was also a story of how true friends and family pull together through thick and thin no matter what issues arise. I only have one other sibling so reading about all those noisy males warmed my heart.

This is one story that will get a re-read from me at some stage in the future, and if you choose to take the time and read it I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

Monster by Ben Burgess Jr.


E-book was gifted by author for review

Where to start with this book? The emotions were working over time with this one. Such a personal account of someone going through such a destructive period in their lives. I have to admit I was really uncomfortable reading the majority of this book because it gave me an insight into the psyche of the male brain and how it works and for most females even if they don’t admit it a males brain is not where they want to be.

As a reader I try to become one with the characters I am reading about, and for this story the journey for me was tough, and sometimes I would stop reading because I felt drained and devoid of feelings like Ken. I have never been in the situation in life that the main character Ken has so to me most of what he went through was foreign, however I could still relate to him on some level.His story does make you think about your own life, and how the actions you have taken in your past can and do affect your life now and that is another thing I must thank him for. When I started reading this story of a life that has so many twists and turns I wanted to hate Ken to despise him with all my heart, but there was just something there that made me think there was hope for him. I love feeling that much emotion for a character it just makes reading the story all the more enjoyable.

Some might be reading this and thinking that I hated this story, but that is so far from the truth. I absolutely loved everything about it. The characters were real and so believable, and the dialogue made you feel like you were a fly on the wall. I do however have one argument with Ken feeling it was all his fault when things started falling apart. Although he did act as the title of the book suggest “a monster” it does take two to tango as the old saying goes. So for the women to blame him for everything I find a bit hard to take, that is just my perspective. I am sure that many that will read this book will probably disagree.

I must congratulate Ben Burgess on a wonderful gift that he has given the world in the form of this story, a study of human nature at its finest (and not so finest). I absolutely recommend this book to everyone that is not afraid to open themselves to a story that will more than likely make you step back and take a look at your life and hope that what happened to Ken will never happen to you. If you love a story that really gets you thinking then please give this book a chance.

Consummate Betrayal by Mary Yungeberg

(Book was gifted by author for review)

Consummate Betrayal is a book that in all honesty the cover does not give away anything of what lays beneath it. I don’t know quite how to say anything about this book without giving some of the story away. I have never read a book quite like it to be honest, it is in your face, gritty and to be honest some parts were hard for me to read without feeling uncomfortable and feeling great pain for the main character Rowan Milani. Having said that it is in no way a criticism of the author in fact it is just the opposite. Mary Yungeburg is an author that I would gladly read any books that she writes, she holds nothing back. It is nice to read about characters that have honour and care about others even if at first you think they are cold hearted and a jackass.

The research that went into the book must have been enormous because the detail that is given is unbelievable. I honestly can not believe that this is her first book, if I had been given this book and not told anything about it I would have thought that she had been writing books for years. I can only wish to have the talent of this woman.

Her characters are so real and believable that you could almost believe that if you turned on a television you would hear about them in a news story. I have to admit I do not normally read this type of story. If it bites you or howls at you or falls from heaven or is set in Yester year then I am your girl but as a reviewer I am finding my tastes expanding and going into directions most interesting.

If you love a story to have you on the edge of your seat at the turn of ever page then Consummate Betrayal is one book I would recommend that you add to your TBR list.

Judgement of Souls by Margarita Felices

judgement of souls

(E-book was gifted by author for review)

Judgement of Souls is a surprising new gem in the genre of vampire fiction. I absolutely enjoyed every page of this tale. I have been a fan of the vampire novel for some years now, and it is always a delight to see a fresh tale such as this one to whet the appetite of the legion of fans out there.

The characters were beautifully written and the descriptions faultless, I could see influences of such tales as Underworld and Blade woven through the story which only added more enjoyment for me. Whether it was intentional by the author I have no idea. Such attention to detail with places throughout the book was a gem to the reader, and I wish more writers did the same with their work as it only adds to the pleasure of taking the journey.

I would without hesitation recommend this tale of vampires to everyone that enjoys the genre as I am sure it will not disappoint.

I hope there are many more stories like this to come from Margarita because her vampires have me as a fan forever!

The Gemstone Chronicles Book One: The Carnelian by William L. Stuart

gemstone chronicles

E-book was gifted by author for review

The Gemstone Chronicles Book One, is a beautifully crafted story that took me back to my childhood with it’s tale of Elves, Troll Orcs and all things magical. I felt like I had been transported back to a time when life was simpler and wondrous. I remember reading books like this as a teenager and absolutely loving the magical places they can take you.

The adventures of Beebop, Nana, Aiden and Maggie in a magical world beyond their own is one that anyone of any age can read and thoroughly enjoy. It tells a story of Celahir the Elven world in turmoil because of the capture and imprisonment of Findecano into a Fairy Cross and his release and the start of an adventure to correct this imbalance once and for all. Findecano a Light Elf inadvertently brings Beebop, Nana, Aiden and Maggie into his world and they become a part of the adventure to restore the balance. A wonderful array of characters and the wonderful world they inhabit weaves a spell of magic all of it’s own. I personally can not wait to read the next instalment to this story and to see where the story will take me. I am sure that it will be just as wonderful.

My only issue was the pronunciation of the characters of the book as with all fantasy novels the names are as wonderful and magical as the characters themselves so I feel that a pronunciation key at the start of the book might have been a help to those of us that struggle with these wonderful names. Having said that this, it is just a suggestion to the author and by no means took away from my pleasure of reading this magical tale, it is one story that will stay with me for a long time.

I would recommend the book to anyone who loves a little bit of magic and adventure in their books.

The Perfect Clone (The Perfect Clone #1) by M.L. Stephens

the perfect clone

(E-book was gifted by author for review)

As with most books that I read for review that are sent to me from authors, I tend not to read the blurb about the book because I want to go into it with no real idea of what to expect,and this makes the experience more exciting for me. I have to say that this book was such a surprise and a very warm welcome surprise at that.

With twists and turns that you do not expect it makes “The Perfect Clone” the perfect book to read if you love intrigue and adventure. I don’t want to give anything away if you have not read this book, but it has a taste of Dan Brown books about it so if you love his books then you will love this one.

The Perfect Clone made me do a lot of thinking mostly about how if I found myself in the same situation as most of the characters what would i do? I think mankind has wrestled with this question time and time again, but there is still no clear cut answer to what most of us would do if placed in this position. If you are sitting here reading this review scratching your head thinking what on earth am I talking about then I suggest you grab a copy of this wonderful book and see for yourselves.

I definitely look forward to see what happens in the next instalment of this wonderful story.

Ordinary (Anything But #1) by Lindy Zart

(E-book was gifted by author for review)

Wow what a book, I have to say this book had me intrigued from start to finish. I absolutely love it and loved the way that it was written.The story of Honor that through no fault of her own is ripped from what she considered a normal if somewhat tragic life and sent into a world of fear and the unknown.

The story is written from several different perspectives of all the main characters and for me that was the winning formula of this story. Seeing how each character handles the same situations is something that I loved and would love to see more books written this way. Another thing that I loved was the descriptive way the author writes, my senses were working over time.

You felt sorry for some characters and hate some others,but when you see things from their perspective you change your mind again and again. I can not praise this beautiful piece of work enough and I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Definitely one to add to the TBR list for sure. One of the best books I have read this year.