The End of Ever by Troy Barnes

I absolutely loved this book from page one. It flowed wonderfully, all the characters made me either hate them or love them which to me is the secret to a good book. If you want to go inside a book and become one with it, first, you must have some feelings for the characters involved whether it is love or hate.

When this book was finished I wanted to start it all over again and I live in hope that the author will one day return to the land of Ever so I too can once again visit this wonderful place.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE

Deadlight by Troy Barnes


It has been a while since I read this book, but one thing I do remember when reading it was the overwhelming sadness for Sarah. To be cursed with the ability to see evil doers of this world. I for one would never wish to have an ability like this. I feel for her as she struggles to stay sane. The worst of all is the isolation of the gift, not being able to rely on anyone but yourself. Will she be caught by the detectives that are searching for the stranger that is taking out bad guys one by one. And what of this mysterious stranger that haunts Sarah, what could he possible want with her and could he be an friend or another enemy?

The first novel by Tasmanian author Troy Barnes is one hell of an introduction to this writer. There is no mistaking that Sarah is one very tough female, and it is a delight to see such a strong female lead character. When I read the book Sarah sort of reminded me of the character from Tomb Raider “Lara Croft”. I was imaging her all the way through. I am not sure if the author had her in mind when he came up with the idea for the character of Sarah or not but I could definately see some similarities between the two are far as how they both handle themselves in any given situation. The other characters complimented Sarah beautifully each of them with their own complex lives which eventually entwine with Sarah’s

I have heard murmurs the author is releasing Deadlight 2 sometime in 2014 and i for one will be lining up to buy it as I can not wait for the adventures of Sarah to continue. For those that have not read this book yet I highly recommend it as one to put on your TBR list before the release of the second book.

The Lake At The End Of The World by Caroline MacDonald

Lake at the end of the world

A story of two very different people living two very different lives, in a world forever changed by greed and pollution. This delightful story is told from the perspective of Diana and Hector.

Diana lives with her mother and crippled father and Hector lives with a community underground and when they meet their lives are forever changed. All the while the lake plays it’s roll with all of them. I really enjoyed reading this book even though it is aimed at a younger age bracket I found I enjoyed every moment of it.

My only disappointment was that for me the story did not delve quite deep enough into the characters and their backgrounds but seeing as it is aimed at a younger market this it not a surprise, all in all a enjoyable read.