Deity Chronicles: Origins (The Journals of Bennett Kingsley) by J.L. Hickey

the deity chronicles

E-book was gifted by the author for review.

The Deity Chronicles: Origins Journals of Bennett Kingsly are the retelling of the life of Trevor, his grandfather and friends. Their lives change forever after someone releases a magical beast into their world from a realm which until now, was unknown to some of them. After Trevor’s grandfather is attacked, his whole world changes From living in his small village of Fableton where he was just an ordinary boy he sets out on an adventure to retrieve an antidote for the poison that is slowly killing his grandfather.

Another fantastic story from the magical mind of J L Hickey, this time he throws us into a world of dragons, kings, knights and magic. The characters are well written, the thing that I find wonderful about how they were written is when Trevor sets off on the journey to save his grandfather not everyone that goes with him are his friends. It is a valuable lesson that the author has brought to the story, sometimes in life we must do things with people that we do not like, they may or may not have a positive outcome on what we want to achieve but having them around makes yourself or them grow and learn in ways that would not necessarily happen.

A tale full of adventure, with plenty of action and plot twists thrown in to keep the reader captivated and wanting to know what happens next. There were some things going on in the story that I guess straight away, but other plot twists left me very surprised.

I look forward to reading the continuing story of Trevor and the adventures that are waiting for him.

Highly recommended for all ages groups

Further (Distance Series, Book 2) by Nene Davies


E-book was gifted by the author for review.

Further is the much anticipated follow up to Distance. The story continues on from where it left off in the first book with Isobel greeting her son at the airport, only to be faced with her mother. She is torn between pure joy and confusion, as her mother gave her hell and would not talk to her when she told her that the family were emigrating to Australia. But her joy soon turns into worry when Helen’s strange behaviour starts to show signs of something other than jet lag. With Helen’s health in question Isobel must accompany her back home to Wales begrudgingly leaving her family behind in Australia. The distance between Isobel and the ones she loves is tearing her apart and when her husband Leo becomes vague and hostile things go from bad to worse. Being half a world away there is nothing Isobel can do but hope her mother’s problems be sorted and she can return to her family and her new life in Australia, but it seem that Helen will once again try to drive a wedge between her and the family she loves?

Nene Davies delivers yet another beautifully written tale of a family that will warm your heart, have you laughing and crying right along with them. There is absolutely nothing I can fault about this story, it flows along at a nice easy even pace. The characters are all full of life and warmth that will touch the heart of anyone who follows them on their journey. Further is a true to life telling of how hard life can be sometimes but also shows that with strength, enough love and determination, any obstacle can be overcome.

If you enjoy stories that touch your heart, then this series is one worth taking a look at.

In a Time Where They Belong by Brenda Cheers

in a time where they belong

E-book was gifted by the author for review.

“In A Time Where We Belong” is the much anticipated sequel to “In Strange Worlds.” The story continues with twin stories told from the perspective of both Derek and Meg. Their stories are parallel to each other and tell how they both manage in a world where there are only a few survivors after a disaster killed off the rest of the world’s population. More people have arrived in Maleny after having strange dreams telling them they must go there. But this group of people are special, they each have a talent or speciality that will benefit their ever growing community. Even though a lot of things were cleared up from the first book, there are still a lot of questions that need answering. I really do not want to give any more of the story line away as I do not want to spoil it for the potential readers.

This instalment for me was both frustrating and enjoyable. Frustrating because even though there were many questions answered, the reader is still left with many more. It seemed when I had everything sorted out and thought the story was going a particular way, another twist was thrown into the mix so that I had no idea what was going on. Enjoyable because the author again brings this world alive with believable and likeable characters, even when they are behaving in a way that is not right, you still feel something for them. I have to admit that the story did leave me a bit confused at times because, it did not tie in directly from where the first one left off. But I am waiting with much anticipation for the third instalment to see just exactly where the author is going to take us next.

Highly recommended reading.

Blood Profit$ by J Victor Tomaszek, James N Patrick

blood porfits

Book was gifted for review.

The title of this book says it all, imagine a world where nothing is as it seems and everything you thought was true is a lie. Charlie and AJ use to be buddies in college, but a woman, AJ’s girlfriend to be exact forces a wedge between them. From that moment on all their lives are thrown in very different directions and will never be the same again.

Charlie, who grew up in a military family has expectations thrown upon him, but all that changes when he injures his knee in college. Instead of the decorated soldier he is groomed by a family friend and politician, Senator Cowel to become the next big thing.

AJ’s life was very different, he grew up in a political family, his father was a politician of the people, but some in Washington did not appreciate his honesty. AJ watched as his father’s political career and personal life destroyed what was once a man to be reckoned with, the results coming to a tragic conclusion.

Even though they both took very different paths in life they would both eventually find themselves coming face to face again with the news that the government they are both involved in and the country they love are not what they seem and it appears that they are the only ones that can do anything about it.

This book is one that you do not want to put down, it is action packed from the first to the very last page. With so many revelations and secrets it keeps you guessing which way things are going to go and what the end result will be. I found myself being pulled into the story by the characters that are beautifully written. All in all there is nothing that I can fault, a true pleasure.

But this book is more than just an interesting read, it gives the reader a glimpse of what the world behind all the glitz and glamour is really like, there is more truth in this story than fiction. If you enjoy books with action, a bit of romance and a storyline that makes you think then this is definitely worth taking a look at.

Sound of Sirens: (Tales of Skylge #1) by Jen Minkman

sound of sirens

E-book was gifted by the author for review.

Sounds of Sirens is the latest offering from author Jen Minkman. The first book in a new series, the story revolves around a young girl Enna and her forbidden connection with a older boy by named Royce. Enna lives on the part of the island where there is no electricity and people lives are a day to day struggle. Royce however is from the well to do part of the island, they have electricity and live a very comfortable life. Their worlds collide when Enna’s brother Sytse brings her a record from the mainland, she is confronted by Royce who wants this record because he is the one that has the machine to play it. Enna will not part with it as it was a gift, so they come to an agreement that they will meet in secret and Royce will play it on his electric record player so they can both share the beauty of it.

As they meet in secret they begin to learn more about each other and realise that even though they come from different worlds they are not that different. Both Enna and Royce find they have two things in common, the loss of their mothers to the call of the mere-folk and their love of music. Things seem to be falling into place for Enna but when she spies her brother in a deserted part of the island she follows him and finds an ancient book that tells a very different story to what they have be told. There are many secrets that are being kept from everyone and the truth will unravel the very fabric that holds both communities together.

Another wonderful start to a series from an author that has become a firm favourite of mine. A well constructed storyline that has established the foundation for the story to follow. The story immediately grabs you and brings you into this world of the have and the have nots, with a cast of characters,that are both believable and likeable you soon find yourself falling under the magic spell of this land. I look forward to seeing how the series progresses and just exactly what Enna finds out about the “real” history of the island Skylege that she calls home and how these secrets will affect her relationship with Royce.

Bound (Bound Trilogy #1) by Kate Sparkes


E-book was gifted by the author for review.

Imagine you lived in a time of magic, dragons and endless possibilities. That is the life Rowan Greenwood has except where she lives they have banned magic, they have banished or killed all magical creatures including members of their own families. Rowan is not like the rest of her people she still believes in the magic of fairy tales but she hides it from everyone including her future husband who is a magic hunter. When she saves an injured eagle she has no idea what wheels she has set in motion. She unknowingly releases long hidden magic which in turn makes her a target in a good versus evil tug of war that will change her life forever.

A wonderful tale full of adventure that kept me enthralled from the first page, till the last. There is something for everyone, magic, adventure, romance and a touch of humour. The author has a way of bringing you into the story and making you part of it, so you feel all the emotions the characters are going through.

The story of Rowan and Aren is one that touches the heart and makes you feel like a child again. For most of us the magic leaves us when we become adults but reading this story brings out the child in you again and makes you believe that anything is possible. A wonderful d├ębut novel that whets the appetite, leaving you yearning for more.

Kharishma by Jenny L.R. Nay


E-book was gifted by the author for review.

Kharishma is a nineteen year old who is trying to find her place in the world, but she finds it difficult when she hears and sees things that she cannot understand. All her life she has been dealing with being different, creatures of the earth, love and understand her and try to guide her, but fear of what others will think of her makes her turn away from a part of herself that is more important than she could every realise. Kharishma moved to London to expand her love of art, but her connection to the earth and its creatures reaches out to her and starts to show signs that she cannot ignore any longer. On returning home she starts to find out many things about herself that have been kept from her by the people that she has trusted the most. After a break in at her home and threatened with death, she discovers the secret to why she has such an affinity with the earth. Can she overcome the fact that she has been lied to all her life and try to find the missing pieces to explain who she really is or will it all be too late?

This is a captivating story coming of age story, the author weaves a magical tale with such vivid descriptions that you become one with Kharishma. I had an instant connection with the main character because of her difficulties in understanding herself and where she fits into the grand scheme of things. It was great to read a story with such a strong lead character, who had to suffer through many hardships, never losing hope in herself or in what she had to do to find her true self.

A truly enjoyable experience, I look forward to reading more work from this author in the future.