The journey has started



The following posts involves my thoughts on God so if that does not interest you then keep scrolling

As some of you may know this year I have made it my choice to come back to the person I was in the past. The one that did not let people and the way they looked at life get me down.

I decided one way to help me was to stay away from politics of any kind. 15 days into the new year and that is still working for me, I see political based posts, news stories etc and instead of reading them and getting involved just skip right past.

The second way was to find my faith again. Now when I mean faith I do not mean going back to church or anything like that. I mean reconnecting with God in my own way. I started out by reading Conversations with God Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch. I read two of his books in my twenties and they made sense to me. But like everyone in their twenties life happens and you put things as deep and confronting as your relationship with God on the back burner for another day. On re-reading the first one it all came back to me. His words made sense.

For someone who was born with a disability, I have had many different feeling about why am the way I am. I never blame anyone for my condition but I often think why me when the rest of my family can walk. The truth of it is I am the way I am because that is the way my soul wanted to live this life. Not because in a past life I was bad or anything remotely like that, my soul wanted it this way so it chose this way. My mind and my soul often battle with each other over a lot of things and this is another area I am working on.

Another aspect I found rather interesting in the book was relationships. We all have relationships whether they be family, romantic, friends, work. In the book, God states that we enter any relationship with an expectation that the other person will give us something. That is the incorrect motive for entering any relationship. We should enter a relationship not wanting something from someone else but instead find out what this relationship shows us about ourselves and how we grow whilst in these relationships.

It has been fascinating and thought provoking thus far. I debated whether to share this because that is a very personal thing for me to share but I thought even if one person gets something out of my thoughts then that can only be a good thing.



This year has been a very taxing one for me in many different ways. Personally, it has been a rollercoaster not knowing from one day to the next where my life is heading. Health wise it has sucked with constant illness. As for reading and blogging, it has been mediocre and disappointing.

I have read over 30 books which is a feat in itself with the year I have had plus I decided in my infinite wisdom to actually pay for this blog so it would be seen by a wider audience.  Yet I think I miss the mark. I want to bring thoughtful, interesting and helpful reviews to the world but it seems that people are more interested in the long drawn out reviews that delve deep into the soul of the person who has read the book rather than the actual book itself. Call me cynical but it is true. You only have to see the people on Goodreads (as an example) who write paragraph after paragraph about how the book was so horrid that they now need therapy to get over it. Instead of writing that they didn’t like it and state the reasons why in a polite and helpful way to their fellow readers. Instead, we are forced to read about how the book and author have scarred them for life and they hate the book and want everyone else on their friend’s list to hate it too.

Sure people are going to think I am having a moan and that there are some deep seeded reasons behind the above paragraph but the simple fact is the majority do not want simple anymore. They crave drawn out, complicated and spite filled subjects to read about.

I often sit and ponder what can I do to draw more people to my blog? Do I write more about myself in a non-book related way?  Or am I just wasting time in a world where everyone has a blog in this digital jungle?