Twilight…on the inside.

Now that I have become one of the thousands if not millions of people to read the Twilight series I thought I would share my thoughts.

Years ago when my sister asked me to read the books I flat out refused, I told her the idea did not interest me. The idea of my brooding dark vampires was completely at odds with the whole idea of sparkling vampires. It took me a few more years and a lot of not so polite reviews on social media for me to get the courage to read them. When I mean courage, I wasn’t scared of reading them and being seen as a nerdy person who read “those” books. I mean I didn’t really think I would like them and I needed the courage to not be a book snob about them.You can imagine my surprise and shock when I come to realise that these books are not just a love story between a vampire and a teenage girl.

They go much, much deeper than that. There are so many aspects to these books and so many important life issues are addressed. You are not just reading about a teenage girl swooning over a vampire and a wolf. What unfolds is something far deeper and stranger. What you are really reading without realising it until the very end is, the story of Jacob Black. People will argue that I am wrong but really when all is said and done, Jacob Black is the central character all the rest are merely along for the ride. If you have not read the books, then I hope this intrigues you enough to delve into them.

The books are as true to life as you can get, life is messy. They prove that time and time again. Yes, they are set in a world of magic and creatures that most only believe exist in the imagination of writers and in myth. They are people dealing with real problems underneath all that. You deal with feeling like you do not belong (Bella), peer pressures and angst (Bella’s school friends). Marital break down (Bella’s parents) and the biggest of all sacrifice which nearly every character deals with. Carlisle when he explains why he turned all the members of his “family”. Edward when he leaves Bella, he is sacrificing his and her happiness to try to do what is right by them both. Was he wrong? Yes but when you love someone and you really want the best for them sometimes you do the wrong thing thinking it is the right thing.

So after having reading them and seeing for myself what they are like I  am stumped as to why people want to rubbish them. They are not classics but, they never claimed to be and the author has never said they were. The trouble today is we want books that are written a certain way, anything outside our comfort zone is seen as wrong by some. I personally do not like Jacob for his possessiveness and childish behaviour. I thought Bella’s obsession with being too old when still being a teenager was annoying but that did not stop me finding the books interesting and enjoyable to read.

The book snobs in this world complained about the books being badly written, they were not. There were some parts that could have been edited to make the writing a lot tighter but they were not badly written. As a reviewer, I have seen badly written books and these are not. When you read a scene where the writer describes the “lightening” flashed across the sky, you are dealing with bad editing. It really pains me that so many people want to hate these books just because they can.

When reading a story I try to relate to one or more of the characters to feel what they feel. I just wish that people would read that way, put themselves in the shoes of at least one character in a book and see life through their eyes. Don’t have a preconceived idea about a book (like I did to start with) but go with the flow and see where the story takes you. I was lucky enough to put aside my book snobbish side and give the books a chance. They made me angry, they made me laugh and sometimes they made me cry. The most important thing is they made me feel something.

If you have not read the series, then I ask as a person who said they never would, please give them a try. You will either hate them or like them but at least you will have made that judgment for yourself.


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