Bad Book Reviews…


What is the ONE thing that drives me crazy?  Bad book reviews.

It breaks my heart to see a book/author being slaughtered on social media. I know a few authors and I have tried writing myself. It takes courage, guts, and determination to put words on a page and then show it to the rest of the world. I take it as a personal insult when I see this happening to any author whether I know them or not. I think it is only fair that any reader should put themselves in the shoes of the author and try to understand them.

Sure there are books I dislike or could not finish. Instead of the all out attack that some deemed to think is the smart way to go. I state why their book was not for me. I give suggestions on how the story might be improved in a constructive and friendly manner.

Some might think that is short-sighted of me, that I need to get a thicker skin but the days of defending someone is not dead and buried. If an author doesn’t write a book you like, it is not the end of the world. I see a lot of people read books in genres they do not like so it is an easy cop out to give a nasty review or bash the author. If you know your genres stick them. If you want to try new genres but you discover that it is not for you that is fine as well but never blame the author. The author doesn’t shove the book in your hands and tell you to read it and you will love it. You choose the book; you make the decision to read the book so it is your responsibility review the book in a way that is helpful and considerate. Be more descriptive. If a reviewer likes a book, we will find out why because a review will give us all the reasons. On the other hand, if someone hates a book they normally just write they hated it. There is usually no in depth reason for the hatred, just the hatred.

Am I too opinionated on this subject? Maybe but I also believe that authors deserve support and encouragement. If we want to read books that will take us to another place or make a us feel something, we have to encourage authors to take us there. If they are constantly ridiculed and attacked, they will not write at their best or even write at all.

So before you write a review think about the author, what they went through to write the story and be kind. Reviews, like books, have power, they can help or hinder us if you are a book reviewer the choice is yours.

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