Politics and the author….Does it makes for disgruntled readers?

Being an active social media user I have been noticing a worrying trend. Authors using their author’s page to push political subjects. Now I might cause an all out war here but it is a subject that I thought I would touch on.

As a reader, have you ever thought this yourself when you have gone to check out what your favourite author is up to?

It is something as a reader that I find to be very unsettling. Authors page’s should be for their books, whether it be promoting, chatting to their followers about their books or even sharing reviews that people have written. The one thing that can make me donate a book quicker than a speed reader can finish a book, is seeing an author going on about politics on their authors’ page, or even worse, engaging in trolling their followers if they dare to disagree with their opinion on the subject.

I am no stranger to political discussion, but to me, if you are an author and you want to discuss matters non-book related, create a personal account where you can discuss any political party or politician to your heart’s content.

Is that wrong of me to think that authors should find another platform for this subject?

Most would scream YES!!!! and tell me that they are entitled to say/write what they like. The problem I have is with the platform they use, not their opinions or views.

It might sound old fashioned, but there are still some of us out there who want the mystery of who authors are to remain. Even though I can find out the most minuscule of details about any author any time, there are just some things I do not wish to know. Yes, I know they are ordinary people who have feelings, opinions, and views just like the rest of us, I do not and have never denied this. For me, they just need to know where to draw the line.

Leaving Face’book’ and getting back to the books…

It has been a while since I have been on the blog in any real form other than to share my reviews. Honestly, I have been struggling with a lot of things, emotionally and personally. I recently made the decision to leave Facebook. Now I can see a few eyebrows being raised as to why someone would choose to do this if they review books.

The main reason is that no matter what reason you use Facebook for you will never please anyone all of the time. I found that no matter what happened there, there was always someone wanted to drag me down.

The second reason, it was killing my love of books, I would sit all day looking at posts instead of doing what I love most…reading…sure there is plenty to read there and plenty of lovely authors (some I know personally) but, it is not a book, even though it has book in the title of the site (yes I have been thinking long and hard over that one).

So now that the daily grind of logging in to see if anyone really wanted to talk books is over I can actually look at my bookshelves again without feeling the dreaded heavy feeling in my chest…No longer do my poor books have to suffer wondering when I am coming back to them, the other “book” chapter is over.

I am hoping to share more of myself with you all (that is if you are interested in what I have to write). So bare with me and hopefully this will turn out to be a much better blog than it has been in the past.


New Moon by Stephanie Meyers

new moon


The second book in the Twilight series was an enjoyable experience.

I know some might say that that is a strange thing to write seeing as for over half the book Bella is like a zombie and on the edge of madness at times from her loss of Edward, but I have a very good reason for enjoying it. I did because it shows what a great author Stephanie is in the way she can describe what it feels like to suffer a loss so great that you do not know whether you will survive it or not. It takes a great deal of understanding of what that feels like to write about it in the way that she did. I honestly felt for Bella, what Edward put her through would have killed most people, but she was strong even though she did not really believe it herself.

Try as I might though I can not find it in me to like or support Jacob. To me, he came across as a self-centered and egotistical character. I had the impression of him being sincere all wrong. I truly believe he didn’t want Bella because he cared, I honestly feel that he wanted her so Edward couldn’t have her. I know that the whole werewolf and vampire thing is behind it, but if they were just ordinary men, I could easily see Jacob as the kind of character that would stalk someone just because they could. I really have no connection to him at all.

The introduction of the Volturi into the story gave it a fantastic twist, it was great to see other vampire characters brought in.This and Bella’s impending transformation has really peaked my interest in this series.

Besides a few editing issues, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. As with the first book, the characters are beautifully written and the story flows well and kept me interested.

Highly recommended.