Lady Susan by Jane Austen


Having only read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen this short story was a very different offering from the author. I will admit that I am only used to the romantic side of Jane’s writing so the characters in Lady Susan were a whole new experience for me. The novel is set out in the form of letters written between the characters. I absolutely am a sucker for books written in this way and I think it is a fitting setting as that is the main way that people communicated in Jane’s life.

As for the characters themselves, the only one I really had any sympathy for was Lady Susan’s daughter who through no fault of her own suffers terrible torment at the hands of her uncaring mother. For all of Lady Susan’s supposed attributes she dearly lacks in manners, credibility and basic human kindness. As I stated above, the characters are not what I have experienced from Miss Austen, I was glad of the experience as it shows that even though she was known for her romantic characters, and her stories where love wins out in the end, that she was capable of creating characters of lesser qualities.

If you enjoy Miss Austen’s books and have not read Lady Susan I highly recommend it be added to your reading list.

Behind The Mask by Juliet M Sampson


I have come to Juliet’s books long after everyone else has experienced her stories. Behind the Mask was her debut novel, a story that deals with spousal abuse. The story is based on the authors own personal experience (as stated in the acknowledgments), it is by no means an easy read as no book is when it deals with such a sensitive issue. Although I believe that it is a story that anyone who has gone through what the author been through would find it beneficial, even though it deals with abuse the underlying message from the author is about finding yourself again. I also believe that even though the stories of abuse are not for everyone, the reader can learn and gain a deeper understanding of what people go through who live through these experiences.

Whilst the story is very simplistic in its style with all the tell tale signs of a first book, one thing is very clear, the author is writing from the heart and welcomes the reader to become a part of her life for a while to share her experience so that others may learn from what she herself went through.

I look forward to reading more books from this author.

Resurrection of an Empire (The Magic Within #2) by Sharon Gibbs


The book was gifted by the author for review.

In the second book in the series, we return once again to the adventures of Christopher and his fellow wizards. This time they must face evil, an evil that wants to destroy their lives and the peace that they have once again found. With the fate of the Tree of Life at stake, the wizards must do everything in their power to stop their magic disappearing forever. The evil sorceress Athena has a plan to resurrect her love Zute so that with him she can destroy the wizards and their magic for good.

The author brings the reader back into her world of magic, friendship, and loyalty. What lies ahead for the reader is a story with many twists and turns with beautifully written characters that are set in a world that will have you totally engrossed from the first to the last page. As I stated in the review I wrote for the first book in this series, I am not a huge fan of the Fantasy genre, but as with the first book, this one also totally engrossed me with its interesting and entertaining storyline. If you are a fan of the Fantasy genre, then this book might just be what you have been missing.

Bound To Survive (Book One) is available in paperback and E-book.