Ghoul Gone Wild by Austyn Faulkner


Imagine if you had a way to bring a dead movie star that you love into your life.
Would you do it, or would you leave the dead alone? Kate had a chance to do just that, a friend threw a Halloween party and part of the entertainment is a seance. Kate jokingly summons James Wilde, an actor she has loved forever, but she thinks the psychic is a fake. The psychic was real and Kate found out how real when a very dead James Wilde appears in her apartment. Her excitement soon turns to dismay when she realises that James is stuck with her for better or worse. He might have been the man of her dreams, but all too soon she begins to realise that her dreams might be turning into a nightmare.

Her friends start to question her sanity when her behaviour becomes questionable. Her efforts to conceal James start to make her look like the bump on the head, she took gave her more than a concussion. Kate tries to get James to move on but even the psychic responsible for bringing him to Kate in the first place can not get him to budge, it looks to Kate like she is stuck with him forever. To make matters worse Kate finds that despite James’ antics she is beginning to have feelings for him and that is impossible. Will she live her life with a ghost, or will she finally be able to find a way to set him free?

Ghoul Gone Wild is the third book by author Austyn Faulkner that I have had the pleasure of reading. As with the other two books, this one is another roller coaster ride of the emotions, with a story that will have you laughing one minute, on the edge of your seat the next, then in tears. I was constantly torn between the characters and how I wanted it all to work out, the story did not go the way that I thought it would in the end. I have a feeling there might be a part two to this story. I am not sure if this is what the author intended with the ending and I might be completely wrong, but I hope we do see these characters return.

There are a couple of things that I would suggest to the author that would make this great read even better. The first, remove the blurb at the start of the book and replace it with a chapter or preface about the seance and what lead to all this happening in greater detail.

Secondly, I would change the cover of the book, although I think it is cute and fun, I think that it actually detracts from the wonderfully entertaining story. As always these are only my suggestions to the author.

If you enjoy an easy read that is a lot of fun with a bit of a serious side thrown in then this is a book definitely worth taking a look at.

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