Murder With Peacocks (Meg Langslow, #1) by Donna Andrews

muder with peacocks

Meg Langslow has been roped into being the maid of honour for three weddings, her best friend, her brother and her mother. Run off her feet with brides who seem unable to make a decision about the dresses but able to think of a thousand other things wedding related that Meg has to organise for them. She starts to think her decision to help with the three weddings might have been a crazy idea, but life is about to get even more crazy. When the sister in law of her mothers soon to be husband is found dead things go from hectic to downright deadly.

Murder With Peacocks was recommended to me by a friend here on Goodreads as I had read a couple of cozy mysteries previously, and they thought I might enjoy it. I am forever grateful to my friend as it was a wonderful, entertaining read that had my not very good sleuth brain hard at work. The way that the book is written you feel like you are right there involved in all the action, the characters are full of life and personality. My favourite character would have to be by far Meg’s father. His whole personality and the way that the author describes him and his activities in the book won me over straight away. As with most murder mysteries it takes me a while to figure out who is the killer, this was no book was no different. I had my suspicions about the person who was finally revealed to be the one responsible, but other characters were cleverly thrown in with their suspicious behaviour to throw me off course.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries this book is highly recommended reading. I will definitely be reading more books in this series.