Simmering Season by Jenn J McLeod

simmering season

The book was gifted by The Reading Room for review.

Maggie Lindeman is a woman that will do anything for everyone, that is, except herself. Her life changes when she returns to Calingarry Crossing, the country town she grew up in, to be close to her father, who suffers from dementia and to sell the family pub that he ran for years. With no real interest shown in the pub she wonders what she should do, she is torn between her father who needs her in Calingarry Crossing and her husband who wants her in Sydney. But life is about to get even more complicated. Fiona Bailey-Blair, daughter of an old friend has arrived in town, she is hell bent on finding her real father and in the process turns Maggie and her son Noah’s lives upside down. Secrets that were kept hidden for years will surface, which will change the lives of all of them. Maggie is just as hell bent on keeping these secrets hidden, but circumstances beyond even Maggie’s control will bring them to light.

Simmering Season is the second book by Jenn J McLeod, who once again writes so beautifully with characters that will warm your heart, make you laugh, make you cry, but most of all, will make you feel like you are amongst friends. As with her first book, Jenn truly captures life in rural Australia. The true essence of a small country town is portrayed expertly, from the faithful customers that visit Maggie’s pub on a daily basis, to the way the community band together in times of need. There is a connection to the first book which make for an even more enjoyable reading experience.

Highly recommended reading.

Requiem for Titus by Brenda Cheers

requiem for titus

E-book was gifted by the author for review.

In 2059 in Maleny, Queensland is where we rejoin the series of Strange Worlds. Melisandre is now sharing with us the events that are taking place in the settlement. There is much excitement as three time travellers have arrived. Grace befriends Melisandre because they look alike and she feels she can trust her with the real reason she travelled to Melisandre’s time. As the story unfolds, it comes to light that a member of the settlement will be the cause of all the trouble in the future and has to be stopped. But the three time travellers are not the only ones that are interested in the settlement, another person from the future arrives, Valrius, he has come to take Grace back with him to their time. He soon becomes a thorn in everyone’s side as he gives the people in the settlement a taste of how they are treated in his future reality. Will Grace still be able to carry out her plan or will her plans be ruined by the arrival of Valrius or will he be the saviour of them all even without realising it?

When I was asked to read the book for review I was both excited and saddened because I knew that I would be saying goodbye to some much loved characters. As with all the other books in the series, this one did not disappoint. I loved the way that the story unfolded, introducing us to some new people, I was also excited that they had developed a farm as well, to know that they were branching out from the confines of the settlement showed that they were able to become even more self sufficient. As with all books in a series, there are hints of the other books within this one so the reader’s mind is gently reminded of things that happened previously.

Meg, the founder of the settlement, and with whom this story began has been a favourite character of mine all through the series, but in this book it seemed that she had changed and not for the better. When she must deal with Gareth she goes above and beyond to save him even though he has gone against the settlement rules. I feel she could have found a better solution to deal with him, I feel it was a cop out because he is her grandson. Even though she had set out to have a set of rules for everyone so they could live peacefully and happily, it seems that she could bend the rules to please herself. It pleased me greatly that there were other members of the settlement that questioned her actions, although I imagine that it must have been difficult for her to take as she had always had the final word on all dealing within the settlement. The signs were very subtle but even she could see that things were changing in the settlement, as with all societies, things change. That for me was the main theme that ran throughout.

Before I read the book I wondered how the story would end and thankfully there were a lot of questions answered that I had been wondering about. A fantastic series that will appeal to fans of time travel and post-apocalyptic genres.